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Trans Dating Tips

These are a few tips for dating trans women with the intention of having sex.

The Best Place to Meet Transgender Women

Online dating sites are hands down the best way to find local tgirls. Meeting trans women out and about in the real world is hard to do, and lots of the ladies are pretty anti-social which does not help much at all. So transgender dating sites are a great way to find the type of trans woman you would like to meet.

Discuss What You Want to Do Sexually

Once you find a girl you like on a dating site you should have a brief discussion about what you would like to do. Some trans women love having men suck their cocks, while others do not want their penis touched or played with at all. So if you want to go down on a tgirl make sure she is cool with you sicking her dick prior to meting, or you could be dissappointed if she does not want a blowjob.

If you are a first timer who has never been with a trans girl before let her know, some girls love being a guy's first transgender experience, and some hate it as first timers can sometimes get gunshy and have performance problems. It is no fun and can be hard to deal with when the man you want to have sex with can't get it up.

Do you want to be the one to get fucked? There are a lot of men who want a tgirl to fuck them, and lots of girls are really cool with that, but not all of them. If you want to be the bottom and have the woman top you make sure she is cool with fucking you.

Basically just talk to each other a bit about what you both are into and want to do, so there are no hurt feeling or anything negative once you finally meet up.

Treat Them Like Ladies

Transgender women want to be treated just like every other woman on the planet. They might be old fashioned and a bit prude, or they might be the biggest slut on the planet, but they still want to be treated like a female should be.


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